Employee Engagement Made Simple

Simplify Your Workplace with Efficient Communication, Engagement, Onboarding and Organization.

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On Staffing Rates
Build Communication

Share News & Updates at the Click of a Button

Increase Engagement

Hear Directly From Your Employees When it Matters

Simplify Onboarding

Create a Smooth & Effective Hiring Process

Create Organization

Build a Single Source of Truth for Events, Resources & More


Effortless Communication That Goes Both Ways

Good Communication Just Makes Work Easier

Brand mission and values are among the hardest things to communicate consistently and effectively, and they're the first things to be discarded in rush to get work done.

But when it's made simple to use it helps employees realize the benefits of engaging passionately with the corporate mission and with each other.

Company News & Newsletters

Communicate important news & culture company-wide or to specific employees.

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Accessible From Anywhere

Optimized for mobile to be used and available while on-the-go.

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Secure Communications

Voice, video, text, documents, attachments, push-to-talk, and more!

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Practical Engagement That Actually Works

Authentic Engagement Just Makes Employees Happy

Gathering feedback from your workforce is the best way to make them feel valued and like they are making a difference.

And when you ask employees their opinions while details are fresh in their minds it can provide you with actual helpful insight to help build your culture and processes.

Polls & Surveys

Collect useful & timely data for insight-driven decisions.

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Kudos & Appreciation

Show your appreciation by sharing kudos and appreciation directly.

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Digital Suggestion Box

Keep lines of communication open with  feedback that can be submitted whenever.

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Keep employees excited about engagement by gamifying the experience.

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Let's Make It Simple...

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Simple Onboarding That Employees Love

Thoughtful Onboarding Just Makes Training Painless

Use every opportunity you have to make a new hire feel welcome and part of the team with a well designed onboarding process.

When the mission, skills, and relationships are built right in the beginning it will make an impact for years to come.

Onboarding Experience

Organize & build your new hire onboarding in one comprehensive platform.

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Easy Feedback

Gather new hire feedback from the start when the thoughts are fresh.

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Engage Immediately

Start off their first day with immediate training and interaction from co-workers.

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Beautiful Organization That Keeps Work Clean

Useful Organization Just Makes Things Smoother

When a business isn't organized from the bottom up, it effects everyone from the top down. With modern tech, we can make organization a breeze and actually easy to use.

Shared Calendar

Shareable & HIPAA compliant to organize all your meetings, schedules, and more.

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Share Resources

Easily send resources and documents to anyone from one library.

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Digital Documentation

Share, sign, and store all your digital documents in one system.

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But Do People Actually Like it?

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